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Winter Rinse - Different Sizes Avaliable, Price Varies


A concentrated low foaming low pH floor cleaner to effectively penetrate and lift oils, grease, soap scums, soils and dirt while helping to neutralize the effects of salt and calcium. Designed for use through either high pressure cleaning equipment or manual application for the cleaning of floors, walls, counters, equipment and other hard surfaces.

• Special deep penetrating multi-surface cleaner.
• Neutralizes the effects of salt and calcium.
• High Chelants leave floors spot free and sparkling
• Neutral formula will not dull, haze or streak high gloss finishes.
• No rinse formula.
• Highly concentrated formula allows for economical use.

Before using, make sure that the desired surface is cool to prevent early evaporation. Read SDS and test in a small inconspicuous area.
FOR ALL USES: Mix 4-6 ounces per gallon of water.
TO NEUTRALIZE FLOORS: Use a rinse after stripping or detergent scrubbing prior to applying finish.
TO RINSE ICE MELT CHLORIDE: Mop on solution liberally.