Now offering brine solution and equipment for the 2023/2024 winter season! [CLICK HERE to purchase]

We can help you control ice and snow on your roads and parking lots.  Our liquid brine product is applied BEFORE a storm, preventing ice from bonding to the surface.  Liquid brine makes plowing much easier, if necessary, and is less harmful and corrosive than solid salt.  Make your roadways safe & clear with our liquid brine solution!

For customers who would like to apply liquid brine to their own property, we now offer 80″ Boom System for Receiver Hitches for purchase. These lock into standard 2″ pickup receiver hitches. Twelve solid stream nozzles release solution on each boom. One-inch hoses are included.

After purchasing your 80″ Boom System for Receiver Hitches, we are able to attach it to your vehicle.  We also have a catalog that contains all replacements parts for your equipment.  Please call us for pricing and more info.

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