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SaltGuard - Different Sizes Avaliable, Price Varies


A concentrated liquid for the removal of salt and inhibition of corrosion to a wide variety of metals, especially iron. Salt Guard will leave behind a temporary barrier to fight the effects of salt on metals, prolonging the quality of vehicles and salting equipment. This product is safe for use on a variety of surfaces including: aluminum, chrome, gel coats, glass, iron, paint, plastic, rubber, and stainless steel. After application, no rinsing is necessary.

• Prolongs the quality of metals and vehicles.
• Specially formulated for heavy duty equipment and salt applicators.
• Will help prevent the formation of rust.
• Reduces the maintenance costs for vehicles and equipment.
• Highly concentrated allows for multiple applications.

Before using, make sure that the desired surface is cool to prevent early evaporation. Read MSDS and test in a small inconspicuous area.

Clean vehicles and surfaces before application. Dilute Salt Guard Xtra with up to 20 parts water. Stronger Solutions will provide better results. Apply solution with a low or high pressure applicator. Use warm water if possible. Allow surfaces to dry.

Rinse surfaces then apply Salt Guard Xtra. Do not rinse after application.
Regular application of Salt Guard Xtra will provide optimal results.